More than 40%
of mobility startups choose California as their hub

25,000 -sq.-ft 
ramp up factory

The ZEV Hub at Sac State is a public-private partnership that connects mobility start-ups and industry leading members, helping innovators develop new technology, test products, access capital, launch and then go to scale.


Located at the heart of global policy and ZEV development

California is shaping the future of mobility and is ripe for success with Governor Newsom announcing $100 billion in an economic recovery plan called “California Roars Back,” including $3.2 billion toward zero emission initiatives – the largest initiative of its kind in state history.

Within California, the main nexus for ZEV development and deployment is the I-80 corridor. Bookended by Tesla facilities on both ends, the 240 miles from the East Bay to Reno is home to a plethora of companies, universities and public sector power players unrivalled in the industry. Greater Sacramento sits in the exact midpoint of all this activity.

Led by renowned clean energy partners

Anchoring this effort is PEM Motion. Based in Aachen, Germany with its U.S. headquarters in Sacramento, PEM has over 350 engineers and partners and has spun out three mobility companies totaling over 1,500 jobs within four years. PEM produces more than 100 projects annually. In 2018 it generated $10 million in revenue.

Additional ZEV Hub at Sac State board members hail from:

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Success Story:
PEM Motion

Aachen, Germany-based PEM Motion provides engineering and business consulting services to zero emission vehicle companies from its North America headquarters – Greater Sacramento.